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    Double leaf fan
    Product Name Double leaf fan
    Speed 2000±10%RPM
    Product number ZLGP122512RM4PN7V00
    Airflow 61.50CFM(Max)
    The product type Chassis fan
    Statio Pressure 1.42mm-H2O(Max)
    Light type ARGB
    Noise Level 34.0 db(A)±10%
    Product use Suitable for chassis and cold row
    Rated Voltage DC 12V
    Fan dimensions 12CM*12CM*2.5CM
    Connector Housing 4-Pin
    Product description

    Double-layer leaf fan

    The hardware heat and high temperature inside the case pose a life-span challenge. Installing a cooling fan in the case can provide effective heat dissipation. The efficient and silent fan can form a reasonable heat dissipation air duct to improve the heat dissipation efficiency.


    Shock absorption design, quiet and efficient

    The fan is surrounded by a soft material silica gel cushion, which absorbs vibration at high speeds, adapts to various complex installation scenarios, and efficiently completes wind transmission.



    The double-leaf fan adopts FDB bearings, high oil-contained hollow bearings, bearing life is more than 100,000 hours, low noise, and meets the noise standard of the recording studio.


    Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)

    Mute effect better than ball bearings

    Longer service life than hydraulic bearings



    The main board synchronous pin male and female head design, adjacent fans can be connected in series or connected in series with other light effect devices.



    Double-layer supercharged fan blade

    Multi-plane and multi-air flow channel fan blade design reduces wind resistance and makes air flow smoother

    The passage effectively enhances air volume and reduces noise.




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