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How to calculate the air volume of the cooling fan required by the product?

Standard air: humid air with a temperature of 20℃, atmospheric pressure of 760mmHg and a humidity of 65% is standard air. At this time, the weight of air per unit volume (also known as specific weight) is 1200g/M*3

Features of DC fan

When the noise problem during the operation of traditional AC fans is solved, major manufacturers have gradually changed the motors of electric fans to DC motors. DC fans are not only more energy-efficient, but also enable the fans to be continuously variable. Even in the middle of the night, the electric fan can still keep quiet. Most of the DC fans use high-efficiency permanent magnet drive shafts. After power-on, the fan blades are driven by the principle of electromagnetic effect, which greatly reduces the frictional kinetic energy consumption during the operation of the fan. This also makes the noise emitted by the DC fan very low, the power consumption is only one-third of the traditional AC fan, and the number of air volume adjustment sections is also larger.

What should be considered when choosing a DC fan?

Choose a good brand of DC fan, which is often overlooked by users when choosing. Many inferior brands of fans will produce a lot of noise due to severe bearing wear after using them for a period of time, which not only affects the service life of the fans, but also upsets you during use. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose high-quality branded products.

How to judge the cooling characteristics of the cooling fan?

When it comes to the characteristics of cooling fans, if you have a little understanding of cooling fans, you should know some. The choice of cooling fan can be selected from main parameters such as bearing, air volume, air pressure, size and so on. So, how to judge the performance of the cooling fan

What's wrong with choosing a good cooling fan?

Some people think that only imported cooling fans can meet the requirements of static removal. In fact, many domestic cooling fan manufacturers have quite mature technology and can compete with imported fans. Some have been working for many years and will not lag behind imported products in technology. They also have advantages in price, and the price/performance ratio will be much higher.
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