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How does the DC cooling fan achieve a stable and silent effect and the reason why it is not stocked

For this ultra-thin DC cooling fan, more precision is required in assembly, and the material must be more refined and high-quality in order to achieve a silent effect.

Why the same batch of cooling fans have different speeds. Can a well-made fan be changed?

When we are familiar with the speed test of the cooling fan, we will find that the speed is a dynamic and constantly changing parameter. This is because the resistance value of the motor changes slightly due to the influence of the environment. Therefore, the speed will always go back and forth in a small area. Beating

When the air volume parameters and air volume of the cooling fan remain unchanged, the power can be reduced.

Whether we choose a cooling fan to solve the heat dissipation problem, we mainly evaluate from two parameters, one is the air volume of the cooling fan and the other is the air pressure. The air volume of the axial-flow cooling fan of the same size is larger than that of the turbine type, and the pressure is just the opposite.

The working principle of the cooling fan and the performance characteristics of the three types

The working principle of the fan is realized by energy conversion, namely: electric energy → electromagnetic energy → mechanical energy → kinetic energy. The circuit principle is generally divided into various forms, and the performance of the fan will be different if the circuit used is different.
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